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Welcome to Walgreens Survey. Take the www.WalgreensListens.com Survey to win $3,000 on www.WalgreensListens.com.

The Walgreens Survey 2022 is here.

Drugstore chain Walgreens specializes in filling prescriptions, offering health and wellness products, providing health information, and providing photo services.

Their online survey aims to improve store standards and service and get to know their customers’ pros and cons. WalgreensListens’ Official Site is WalgreensListens.com, and the name of the online survey is Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Walgreens Receipt Survey asks you a few simple questions about your recent visit to one of its stores. Feedback about employees’ behaviour, cleanliness, the store environment, products, and facilities is welcome.

In the future, Walgreens will be able to provide you with a friendlier, more convenient experience based on your responses.

Find out more about Walgreens Survey Sweepstakes, rules, prize details, and more in the entire article.

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Details of the WalgreensListens.Com Survey

The following are some essential details about the survey sweepstakes:

Name of the companyWalgreens Listens
Official Survey URLWalgreenslistens.com
Official WebsiteWalgreens.com
Competition typeSurvey
No of participantsIndividual
Important requirementWalgreens Receipt
Entry MethodOnline/phone/email
Validity time72 hours

Prize Details for Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Once you complete the www.WalgreensListens.com Survey through any survey channels, you’ll be eligible for a $3000 gift card. When you next visit Walgreens, you can use this discount card.

Prize: One (1) Grand Prize in the form of a check for $3,000 to the Grand Prize Winner.

Rules & Regulations for the WalgreensListens Survey

It was essential to Walgreens that their feedback survey be fair. Walgreens’ www.walgreenslistens.com survey has some basic rules and requirements that candidates must meet.

  • The game is only available to legal citizens of the United States, excluding residents of Puerto Rico.
  • Entry should be by an individual who is 18 years of age or older.
  • Any online purchase will not allow you to participate in the game.
  • There is no deposit or amount required to participate in this Walgreens sweepstakes.
  • Taking part in the game offline is possible without purchasing anything beforehand.
  • You will not be eligible to participate if you are a Walgreens employee or a family member.
  • You can only use the receipt for the 72 hours you participate. After that, it will no longer be valid.

If you want more information, you should contact the authorities directly. These are the basic rules of the game. There are different rules for different people. Don’t be afraid to ask about it, as some localities may follow additional rules than the standard ones.

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How to Participate in Walgreens Survey?

The Walgreens Listens survey sweepstakes can be done in three different ways. The results are as follows –

  • Online
  • By Telephone
  • By Mail

Online Survey

You can leave your feedback quickly. If you follow the instructions listed below, you can enter the lucky draw:

  • Firstly, make your purchase at Walgreens nearby and save your Walgreens Receipt.
  • Next, visit www.walgreenslistens.com to participate in the official Walgreen Survey.
  • Select the language in which you would like to take the survey.
  • Please enter your survey code, password, and the time of your visit.
  • To give your feedback, enter your information and click Start.
  • Follow the instructions to answer some questions about your previous experience.
  • Your satisfaction with Walgreens’ products and customer service.
  • As honestly as possible, answer all survey questions.
  • Complete the fields with your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Enter your opinion in the Walgreen Sweepstakes contest after you have filled out all the details.
  • As soon as your entry is confirmed, you will receive an email.
  • You must now wait for the sweepstakes administrator to announce the winners.
  • There will be the opportunity to win a cash prize of $3000 in the form of a check.

By Telephone Survey

To enter the Walgreens survey sweepstakes, call 1-800-875-4028 and complete the automated customer satisfaction survey.

By Mail Survey

Please write your name, contact number, and email address on postcards (no less than 3 1/2 inches x 5 inches and no larger than 4 1/4 inches x 6 inches), and mail them via first-class mail to: January 2022 Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, Dept. S8517 P.O. Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006.

Submissions by mail must be authentic (no photocopies or reproductions) and received within the rules’ deadlines. There must be a separate mailing for each postcard.

About Walgreens

Walgreens Listens is a pharmaceutical company based in America. As the second largest pharmaceutical company in America, it ranked second. Known for providing wellness and medical products, this company offers medical equipment and supplies.

There are more than 50 states this company covers in the United States of America. In addition to over 9000 shops, it employs more than 4000 people.

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How does Walgreens’ Survey work?

Using Walgreens Survey, accessible through WalgreensListens Official Site, the company can understand the pros & cons of receiving honest customer feedback and reviews.

Does the Walgreens Survey offer prizes?

Spend a few minutes completing the WalgreensListens Survey to enter and win a $3,000 check.

What is the WalgreensListens survey process?

You can complete the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey by mail, email, telephone, or online at www.walgreenslistens.com.

Are there any limitations to WalgreensListens?

To qualify for the survey, you must complete it within 72 hours of purchasing the item. You will not be able to take the survey after that point.

Are there any Walgreens Survey Hacks?

There is no need to purchase to take the Walgreens survey.

Final Words

If you are satisfied with the details on Walgreens Survey at WalgreensListens Portal, you will be able to win $3,000 cash every month.

However, if you have any queries or questions about the WalgreensListens Survey, please leave a comment below. You can expect a response to your queries within a few days.

For more such survey guides, stay tuned to our official survey website.